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Reason to look back for the exhibition with some satisfaction

“All our regular customers paid us a visit and also we had conversations on a variety of very specific issues. On the other hand, the number of orders from Turkey and India has increased surprisingly, ” said Oliver Mathews. Manufacturers of embroidery grounds, net curtains and upholstery materials, as well as producers of stretch lingerie and semi-technical textiles, are considered to be expressing great interest in your high-speed machine.

Visitors not only came from Turkey, but also from Iran, Syria, Egypt and in many cases Georgia. In spite of this, Hagen Lotzman, Warp knitting Company’s sales manager while in the Technical...

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Future practical trials will show whether it'll be possible

MAS' warp knit facility set up in 2008 originally as a partnership is now a fully owned unit in the organization. For Sri Lanka the textile and garment sector may be a strategic industry that contributes US$ 5 billion in exports (approximately 38% of total) and provides 276, 000 direct employment opportunities”.

The motorised vertical feeder movement replaces the demand to swing or swivel the actual feeder in complex knitting situations and also eliminates wasteful feeder kick-back through carriage movement.

The ADF’s yarn feeders are completely independent in the carriage movement and are taken care of independently by motors. However, the machine...

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Ultra-fine weft knit materials employed in various medical applications

Spaulding and changed it has the name to Lamb Manufacturing Provider. “Lamb is only one of two companies that still manufactures knitting machines in america, and is one of the few in the world that is focused on knitting machines to offer materials ranging in size coming from.

Lamb Stamp collecting Machine, a knitting machinery manufacturer operating out of Chicopee, MA, is celebrating 150 many making knitting machines this thirty days. 050” diameter to 4-inches huge.

The experience gained through time in designing and manufacturing these kinds of machines and the dedication to making a quality product has resulted inside world-wide reputation...

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Machine company says this releases uniform stitch formation

Machine company has adopted this patented system in all of its single jersey super fine gauge Large Diameter devices and says, since launching the innovation, the company has already put in several ultra fine Atlas models both in Europe and Asia to the good satisfaction of its customers. ”

Machine company says the SM9-MF is usually ideal machine for both small mills that need a wide range of specialised items and for large mills that need both size and versatility.

It has required us to utilize our vast experience and knowledge to make such a competent all-round product, ” Machine company says....

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