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All of these important improvements are created for maintaining

Knitting machine company’s three bar dsl internet cable tricot machines are considered more flexible than any some other warp knitting machine range and sell well everywhere and the all round machines have found a growing market in Turkey especially.. ”

Knitting machine company has spacer wire recently successfully convinced lots of Turkish traditional weavers to deploy its HKS series warp sewing machines for producing velour fabric.

In the NOVA graphic software containing also been improved to make the complete system even more user friendly plus the machine is now able being completely run from a good remote control with also a simplified...

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A priority for virtually every yarn is the ability in order to yarn

 Now, the most successful and comprehensive tensile tester ever is introduced: the Uster Tensojet 5 can certainly operate at speeds of SIX HUNDRED meters per minute and integrates considering the Total Testing Center to deliver an innovative range of overall benefits to both quality assurance and success for yarn manufacturers.

So accurate tensile-strength values are important, particularly for warp yarns, which are placed under tremendous stress. Whatever the fabric job application, it is high-speed weaving and knitting which exert the maximum stress and strain forces for the yarn. So its strength and elongation properties must be suitable for the fabric-making process,...

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To infuse smartness in material like fiber optics

In such products, all strands may be conductive and also both non-conductive and conductive strands could possibly be woven together. Such products may include a circuitry to make signals, which will be carried or transmitted with the conductive strands.

So, to infuse smartness in material, components like fiber optics, nanoelectronics, thermochromic dyes, or anything else are embedded in conductive as well as semiconductive threads and yarns.

Techniques like extrusion or spinning can often make the polymer core. For us, what it means is always that binding wire manufacturers this may lead to the creation of products that may incorporate smart fabrics, as...

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The growth mode that depends excessive on reed

Machine substitution is the trend of the current making industry, and it is also an inevitable trend from the transformation and upgrading of businesses.

Shape-memory polymeric fibers allow the fabric to can change hardness. The essence is technology development, process innovation and management innovation with equipment update as being the carrier; the core is to be able to replace old equipment with state-of-the-art technology equipment and improve labour productivity; the purpose is to accelerate the change while in the growth mode that depends excessive on low-cost labor, and greatly reduce enterprise labor.

It has become the source of new industrial optimization and...

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