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All of these important improvements are created for maintaining

Knitting machine company’s three bar dsl internet cable tricot machines are considered more flexible than any some other warp knitting machine range and sell well everywhere and the all round machines have found a growing market in Turkey especially.. ”

Knitting machine company has spacer wire recently successfully convinced lots of Turkish traditional weavers to deploy its HKS series warp sewing machines for producing velour fabric.

In the NOVA graphic software containing also been improved to make the complete system even more user friendly plus the machine is now able being completely run from a good remote control with also a simplified diagnostic feature in the utmost efficiency.

All of these important improvements are created for maintaining and up-dating our original technical target of an small, accessible and formidably automatic and versatile Warp knitting machine for Seamless garments with all the most advantageous performance.

Amongst these latest innovations the cutter can use whilst on Jacquard the beams of about 30 x 42 inches for you to lessen the down-time when changing yarn, and also the beams are motorised to allow the direct feeding of this yarn. 

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